Days Inn, Sibley Drive

The hotel includes a pool, hot tub and steam room. It was constructed for Northco Properties in a joint venture with Thomas Design Builders from Winnipeg.

McKellar Place

The private conversion of the McKellar hospital into 102 seniors assisted living apartments was a big challenge. The original tenders came in at over 10 million. Working with an owners budget of 6 million we adjusted the design and made changes to work within the owners budget of 6 million. There are always unknowns in renovation projects and McKellar was no different the building had been left without heat for years and this resulted in our share of unexpected repairs. All the workers that were there at the start could not believe how well the finished product turned out.

Lakehead University Residence

This project was tendered as a Design Build of multiple duplex units. We suggested a single 144 bed 3 storey building with 36 four bedroom apartments. The University liked the idea and we negotiated a design build guaranteed maximum contract. One of the benefits of our design over the duplexes is it left room for a second building on the same property. Half way through the contract in February the University approached us to see if we could construct the second building and have it ready for September as well. We accepted the challenge, fast tracked the construction and were able to have both buildings with a total 288 beds ready for the students.

Days Inn, Golf Links Rd

This was the second hotel constructed for Northco Properties and is the closest hotel to Thunder Bay Regional Hospital.