Eagle Terrace

Constructed on a height land surrounded by a golf course in the Okanagan Valley, this is a 32-unit 4-storey condominium. It has huge balconies with spectacular views.

Pinecrest Manor

The old Pine street school site was sold to a developer and it was a perfect location for a new condominium. The project included the design and construction of a 32 unit 4 storey condominium on Red River Road.

Mariday Suites

This is a 32 unit four storey condominium with underground parking constructed on Martha Street. It has great views over the city. It is a sister building to Pinecrest Manor built beside it.

Brookside Manor

One of Aurora’s first projects is this 48 unit condominium right on the edge of McVicar Creek. The residences on the creek side have the country living feel with the babbling stream below.